Newsletter (Winrag) - ( 14 May 2003 )

Issue 1 


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Welcome to the first edition of our Newsletter. It has been decided that it should be published on this website, to save clogging up your emails accounts. 

In the newsletter, we will endeavor to show you the best on the net. From free downloads to tips, tricks and how to's, and everything and anything else that we think you may find of interest. We will not be telling you to buy, buy, buy, or Spam you with unwanted rubbish. If you don't want to receive newsletter updates then feel free to cancel at anytime. Subscribe/Unsubscribe link is at the bottom of this page, click here.

Anyway, we hope you enjoy, and send any feedback, or if you wish to have a subject covered then mail


1 What is "Longhorn" ?

Longhorn will be the next release after Windows XP. Due on the market for 2005. It will be a major operating system upgrade, replacing XP on the market place. Some of the changes are listed below.

A new user interface called "Avalon." Which will be tasked based. For an in-depth look at this click on the following link. 

Taskbar menu and start menu will be enhanced and an all new sidebar. With links to local and remote sources.

Longhorn will use a new interface, to make everything look much better. Taking advantage of 3D graphics, which is standard today in any new computer.

Windows Future Storage (WinFS) will be used, this technology is taken from SQL Server 2003, which is databased and allows complex searching within the system, which cannot be achieved today.

DVD writer software will be built into the new operating system. At present Microsoft tells us that this will support DVD+R and DVD+RW. When due for its release DVD writers will be as common as CDR's are today.

Longhorn will have a new setup and install method. Allowing the operating system to be installed within 15 minutes. (As soon as we can this will be featured on this site).

There is much much more, but what we have provided, should give you a brief insight to this up and coming operating system. has some great articles on Longhorn. Check it out. 


2 Free Software Review

AVG Anti-Virus - Check out this free virus program. 5/5 in reviews from our site. Remember that if you have problems installing then a) you have a virus or b) you have other Anti-Virus software installed. Remove it first. For some further help check out the Virus alert section in this newsletter. Remember the free version of AVG Anti-Virus does NOT come with tech support.

For more free software, checkout :

For a free Internet Explorer Bar, with search built in, checkout :  


3 Virus Alert

Courtesy of Symantics Norton Antivirus (click on the link below). 


Tip : From, click on "Check for Security Risks" and you can do an online virus check. This will not remove any viruses but it will alert you to their presence and then you can go about removing them. Always check out how to do it. A virus checker is a prevention, not a cure. By simply deleting an infected file can cause a lot of problems. You may need to replace files, and/or delete registry settings. If there is a removal tool, then download it and use it, as it will remove your registry setting and the virus for you.


4 Site of the Month

Positioned in the top 10,000 websites is a great resource for helping resolve your computer and software issues. Many PC experts use this site and will help you through your issues. Thumbs up from Don't miss out.

Want your site reviewed. Send an email to 


5 POPUP Annoyances

The plague of the modern internet. Popup ads are used by almost all sites, as a source of revenue. We even use them ourselves, but we do restrict them to once per 24 hour viewing. So how do you stop them. One way is to download the Alexa toolbar, available from, the toolbar also allows you to check out reviews on sites you are visiting (this has saved me from making deals with dodgy sites), and see its world positioning. (Letting you know how popular the site actually is.) is presently the 40,598th largest website in the world, and climbing. Considering the millions of sites there is in the world, we are quite pleased.

Another advantage of the Alexa popup blocker, is that you can specify which sites to block, and which to allow. 


6 How to uninstall a Windows Upgrade

Upgrading Windows ? Make sure you make the backup files, because if all does not go right then you will need to get back to your old operating system. Covering Windows 95, 98, Me and XP, the following link will show you how to do this from, boot disks, Windows itself and MSDOS. Check out the link :  


7 A little Humor

See more of the Iraqi Minister of information from this link 


8 Tip of The Month

Need extra money, have a lot of junk lying about, then why not sell is on Ebay, the world's largest auction site. Check out the following links:


UK :

I have been using it for years, and buy and sell goods on a regular basis.. The value of some of the junk I have has surprised me. If you are 30 plus, then you will find that your child hood toys out weigh the value of Antics, and ornaments that your parents may have bought when you they young.


9 Conclusion

Well hope you have enjoyed our first issue of this newsletter as much as I have enjoyed writing it. 

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Best Regards


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