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1 Hardware Guide


Changing the look of your computer Part 1 - The Case


BT-85 Beantech Clear Acrylic Case

Fancy a change, want your computer to look something special, then why not try a fancy new case. There are many styles on the market, and are easy to pick up. You don't need to pick up any new hardware, and you can make your plain, boring looking computer look very smart.

Many styles are available pictured above are just a few. Believe it or not changing the case can make your computer look something special, making you the envy of all your friends and family.

Zorro Blue CaseZorro Green CaseSilver Zorro ATX Case

The above cases can be bought from in the UK

Xoxide X-Turbine *Skull* EditionX-ClearXoxide Scorpio-X (Black)

The cases pictured above here can be bought in the USA from 

Moving all your parts to a new computer can be quite a job, it is essential that you know where to plug in the power switch, front lights, speaker, reset switch and hard drive light and power connectors. (A copy of your motherboard manual is useful for this, you will have got this when buying your motherboard or you can download it from the manufacturers website)

Also take note of where your expansion cards plug into and the IDE connectors. 

When setting the motherboard it is important to have it aligned correctly to the stands that are supplied with case.

If you find this a daunting task you should not find it hard to get a computer technician to perform this task for you. It should only take 30 to 40 mins.


2 Tips & Tricks


Moving a Motherboard to a new case


This month I hope to help you move a motherboard to a new case. The picture below is a smaller version of the original, which has several numbers indicating part locations. We will explain what to do at each location.

Click on image to enlarge

Always take anti-static precautions before handling computer components.

1: This area is where your PCI cards are. Take a note of which slot they are is so you can fit them exactly as how you removed them. There is only one card in the picture above.

2: This is your AGP card, you may not have this, if you do there is only one so remove it.

3: This board is Pentium 4, and requires an extra power connector (Modern Athlons need this also) it is a square white connector with 4 wires coming from it. Unclip it and remove. Remember if this is present replace as you have removed.

4: This is the main ATX power connector, unclip it and remove.

5: The fan at "5" is your processor fan, this sits on top of the processor. It can be left in place.

6: This is where your case speaker, power button, reset button, front light and hard drive light connectors are. It is very important that you take note of exactly where these plug in as you remove. Each connector will be labeled.

7: The memory is located here, this can be left in place.

8: Pictured above is the IDE (2 Yellow connectors, colours may vary) and the  floppy drive ribbon cable connector (1 black). Remove ribbons connected to these, and remember where they were plugged into. They are usually 2 gray cables (Colours may vary).

9: There will be several screws keeping the motherboard in place, remove these and keep handy as you will need them to screw n motherboard to new case.

10: Not remove the motherboard. If your power supply is in the way, then remove it first.

11: Remove hard drive, CD-Roms, Floppy drives etc.

Not that you have removed the motherboard and all its bits, it is tie to fit it into new case. Follow the next steps.

1: The new case will come with new stands or feet for the motherboard. Align these up with your motherboard.

2: Now check the back plate is the correct one for your motherboard, or make necessary adjustments so that all your ports can be seen. If need be remove plate from old case and fit in new.

3: Now place motherboard into position, and screw it into place.

4: Now fit the case speaker, power button, reset button, front light and hard drive light.

5: Now connect the IDE cables, and floppy cable.

6: Now place ATX power connector and P4 power connector (If you need it)

7: Now fit AGP card, and screw into place (If you have one)

8: Now fit PCI cards into slots where you removed them from, and screw into place.

9: Fit hard drive, CD-Roms, Floppy drives etc, reconnect to to motherboard. (IDE and floppy connectors on motherboard.

9: Now test your computer. If you have problems, check all the above connectors again. 


3  Buyers Guide


Buying a case

The base unit is referred to the case and all components inside it. You can refresh the look of your computer by buying a new case, and moving all components from the old case to the new. (All your friends and family will think you have a new computer)

Many different designs and styles are available for base units. Mini Towers, midi towers, and full Towers are the most popular. At present you are best to buy an ATX (P4 ready) case. (The only exception will be computers that are around 8 years old or older which will be in AT cases, generally you can tell the difference by shutting down your computer. If it says “It is safe to shutoff your computer” and you have to press the power button to shut it off, then you have an AT computer).

Silver Zorro ATX Case

Cases come in many different sizes and colours. Some are even see through, this is one the best ways to customize your computer.

An important note is to make sure than when you buy make sure the case has at least a 300w power supply and is P4 ready (Even some Athlon computers require the P4 connections). Also if you are not comfortable with moving your computer components over then get a trained computer technician to do it for you.

So for as little as £40/$40 you can make your computer look new, more powerful and most of all impressive to all you know.


4 Game Preview


A340 Professional

The Airbus A330/A340 family of airliners are re-created for Flight Simulator 2002/2004 by celebrated developers Phoenix Simulation Software. There's no doubt that when it comes to the new generation of airliners, Old Europe is the place that sets the pace!

Label: Just Flight
Developer: Phoenix Simulation Software
Genre Flight Simulation
Release March 31st, 2004
RRP £29.99
SKUs: English and German language editions

Europe's largest and most advanced airliners take to the skies in all their high-tech glory. The twin-engine Airbus A330 and four-engine A340 are brought to life by the experts in high quality flight simulation aircraft, Phoenix Simulation Software.

A total of eight aircraft variants with 42 different airline liveries have been painstakingly reproduced for Flight Simulator 2004 (also compatible with FS2002):

- A340-200 and A340-300, equipped with CFM engines
- A330-200 and A330-300, fitted with General Electric, Pratt & Whitney and Rolls Royce engines.

Each aircraft model is rendered in high detail, with accurate animations of the flight surfaces, engines, undercarriage, passenger and cargo doors. Special model, lighting and engine effects are also included – for example you'll see wings flexing as in real life, wing tip vortices and even engine-intake vapour effects!

Like Just Flight's celebrated A320 Professional the flight models have been tested by real world Airbus pilots with four different flight models for each of the aircraft types. The 2D and 3D virtual cockpits capture the intricacies of flying these giants with multiple panel views - you can even see the windscreen wipers operating!

Just Flight's Managing Director commented, "The Phoenix range of aircraft have always been deservedly the most popular expansions for Microsoft's Flight Simulator. The A320 Professional has had enduring success and we're proud to be working with them on this latest release of these popular modern airliners.

The Just Flight edition on CD-ROM offers terrific value for money and like other Just Flight releases comes professionally packaged with printed documentation. There is also a set of comprehensive technical pilot's notes accessible via the CD-ROM."#

Detailed features

  • Eight variants with 42 airline liveries with detailing up to PSS' usual exacting standards

  • Full compliment of moving parts

  • Hanging undercarriage bogies

  • Operating passenger and cargo doors

  • Working windscreen wipers visible in the 2D and VC cockpits

  • Animated 3D Engine fans & reversers

  • Reflection and specula mapped hi-detail textures

  • Flexing wings

  • Hard coded wingtip vortices with high humidity/lift

  • Hard coded engine intake vapour effects

  • Hard coded multiple flashing strobe lamps (not effect files)

  • Four different, accurate flight models, tested by real Airbus pilots.

  • Accurate sound sets for all variants

  • Highly accurate instrument panels with FS2004 featured virtual cockpits.

  • Compatible with both FS2002 and FS2004 Century of Flight.

  • Payload editor tool utility

  • Panel configuration utility

  • Fuel planner

  • Extensive on-line manuals

    About Just Flight

Just Flight is the world's leading flight simulation specialist, publishing a wide range of digital aviation products. Their range spans over 50 titles, including standalone flight simulation games, add-ons for the multi-million selling Microsoft Flight Simulator and Combat Flight series and even books, videos and DVDs.

The British, Cambridge-based company has been established for some seven years. It prides itself on quality, value and customer service, which it backs up with a unique money-back guarantee on all its products. It has been recognised with nominations for 'Best of British' by the software industry and accolades from the Daily Express and Royal Mail for its successes.

Its products are used by some 150,000 known flight simulation enthusiasts in over 150 countries.

Full details of the company's products can be found at

About the real A330/A340

Airbus' A330/A340 Family of aircraft has established market leadership in the 240-380 seat category. Five twin or four-engine aircraft, offering maximum commonality and including the new A340-500 and -600 models, provide the highest degree of operational flexibility and economy combined with unmatched passenger comfort.

For passengers the A330/A340 Family is the most popular in its class. The A330/A340 Family features a luxurious four-abreast arrangement in First Class, with each passenger enjoying unimpeded access to an aisle. Business Class features spacious six-abreast seating, affording each passenger an aisle or window seat, while Economy Class passengers are generally seated in a comfortable eight-abreast layout with no passenger more than one seat away from an aisle.

For more information see the company web site at

5 Virus & email Warnings


Virus Emails

Recently I received and email as below, think of my shock at seeing this :

Hello user of e-mail server,

Our main mailing server will be temporary unavaible for next two days,
to continue receiving mail in these days you have to configure our free
auto-forwarding service.

Please, read the attach for further details.

Password: 22104

The Management,
    The team       

Well it turns out I never sent it to myself, and as I run the email, and control it if its up or down, you can see why I was surprised. Did I get drunk some night and decide to close the server down for 2 days ? oh and look an attachment in a zip file !!! should I open it ? and I spelt the word "unavailable" wrongly, what ever should I do.

Well the answer is simple, the attached file contains a virus, I don't intent or ever did intend to close down the server, this email is also a hoax.

I get about 40 emails like this in some form or the other everyday. If I get them, then more than likely you will also. 

Don't open attachments, and if you are expecting a file to be sent to you, confirm it first before opening it. Viruses are a pain, and you do not want to catch the bug. This one and its attachment got through my virus checker because the file is zipped and password protected.


Warning Email


Oh look another email from my friend in Nigeria offering me yet another $29,000,000 all for myself, and all I have to do is give over my bank details. Below is an exact copy of the email.



My name is SENATOR VICTOR OYOFO, the chairman of  the Senate committee on Pension,insurance and manpower development in the National Assembly of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

I am writing you to earnestly Solicit for your assistance in helping to receive some sum of money into your account for safe keeping. I got your e-mail address through an internet marketing firm while searching for a reliable and reputable person to handle this transaction.


We have the sum of US$29,000,000.00 (Twenty Nine Million Dollars) that we intend to transfer overseas through the assistance of a foreign partner. This money came as a result of Over provision in the budget for unclaimed pension and accident insurance. This over provision was done by my committee, but all payments have been made to beneficiaries leaving behind the over budgeted amount which amounts to US$29,000,000.00 which is deposited in the Nigeria 

Deposit Bank here in Nigeria.

I have agreed to transfer the funds overseas for my campaign funding and other investment purposes, private use and for investment purposes with your help. I am contacting you therefore, to stand in as the beneficiary to process this fund into your custody. As soon as you consent to this I will immediately send you title documents to the fund in your name so you can make claim for it. I will provide you with 30% for assisting us and 5% to be set aside for reimbursement,for expenses that may arise during the process ofconcluding the transaction. The fund shall be transferred to you legally in accordance to all laid down procedures governing transfer of funds. I have perfected all modalities for the successful transfer of this money to you as the beneficiary. 

Finally, I have to reassure you that this transaction is 100% risk free and should be kept absolutely confidential. Presently, you can reach me by return mail, you should also include your telephone numbers if any, for secured communication between us. Thank you for your anticipated cooperation. I await your response. Also Note that we need to conclude this transaction before the end of next month as we can still make payments on last years budget till this time.

Best Regards,

Senator Victor Oyofo

So what did I do ? Did I rush my bank details to the Senator ? well I am glad to say I didn't, this is a terrible hoax and if you fall for it you will end up with an empty bank account. So if you receive such an email then do what I do, delete it, from my years of experience on the net, I have found that if its too good to be true, then it is

Mark ( )


6 News


70-year Olds Among Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs

Los Gatos, California - March 2, 2004 /Xpress Press/ - As if to demonstrate that Internet technology is not the exclusive domain of the young, a couple of Silicon Valley septuagenarians have announced they are putting their catch-all domain name registration,, up for bids.

Josh Malks, 68, of Capitola and Los Gatos' Don Sherman, 70, registered the domain in 1995 to identify their startup, BetterWebsites, an internet service company established to serve the needs of non-profit organizations, particularly Jewish Community Centers throughout the United States.

While the company will continue operations under the day-to-day management of Mr. Malks, the pair, now retired over ten years from their respective professional careers, have decided to offer the attractive domain to a larger enterprise that can exploit its memorability and ubiquity for web-related services, sales, creative or technology.

The pair launched their business in the mid-nineties to synergize Mr. Malks' expertise gained through three decades in community center management and Sherman's 37-year career in publishing, broadcasting, advertising and public relations.

They had met while Josh was executive director of the Addison-Penzak Jewish community center of the South Bay and Don served on the center's board of trustees. After both had retired they discovered their mutual excitement over the burgeoning Internet and it's "every man a publisher" potential for free expression and the creation of communities.

Josh and Don are looking forward to discussing the value of the BetterWebsites domains (;;;; with qualified interested parties.


7  Updates

Windows logo - vertical

Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 Beta  

If you are using Windows XP, you will need to keep it up to date. Windows XP Service Pack 1, has been about for quite a while. If you don't have it then get it, Service Pack 1 improves Windows XP in many ways including enhanced reliability and performance.

You can download Service Pack 1 from here : 

Windows XP

Service Pack 2 Fact Sheet

As part of Microsoft Corp.’s ongoing commitment to improving the Windows® XP operating system, including making it more secure and helping protect customers from malicious attacks, the company has released the Microsoft® Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) beta version to beta testers through the MSDN® developer program. The Windows XP SP2 beta is intended to give software developers and IT professionals an opportunity to conduct early testing and to allow Microsoft to collect valuable customer feedback. During the beta process, Microsoft hopes to garner significant input from developers and IT professionals that will be incorporated into and improve the final product.  


In October 2003, Microsoft President and CEO Steve Ballmer announced that Microsoft would be introducing several new capabilities in Windows XP SP2 to help keep customers more secure, and the Windows XP SP2 beta release represents a significant milestone toward that end. Windows XP SP2 also includes the type of enhancements and updates traditionally associated with service packs. The Windows XP SP2 beta includes a subset of the technologies that will ultimately ship in SP2, and the final feature set will be based largely on customer feedback generated during the beta process.


Security technologies included in the Windows XP SP2 beta cover the following areas.

Network Protection

All computers connected to the Internet need protection against network‑based attacks, such as the Blaster worm. This protection is especially important for nonenterprise business customers and home customers connected to the Internet via cable modem, DSL or dial-up, as well as mobile laptop users who may not always be protected by a corporate firewall. Microsoft is strengthening the network protection of Windows XP to help prevent these types of attacks through a number of enhancements, including these:

·        An improved version of Windows Firewall (formerly known as the Internet Connection Firewall). Windows Firewall will be turned on by default in installations of Windows XP with SP2, preventing all ports from listening on the network except when they are in use by an application. Computers with multiple network interfaces, such as laptops with wired and wireless connections, will benefit from an improved user interface that allows global firewall settings. Additional testing also will be done to help ensure application compatibility when Windows Firewall is on. For businesses, central administration of Windows Firewall configuration through Active Directory® Group Policy has been enabled.

·        Reduction of the attack surface of a Windows XP-based computer while on a network. For example, the Remote Procedure Call (RPC) service will run with reduced privileges and will no longer accept unauthenticated connections by default.

·        More secure infrastructure for the Distributed Component Object Model (DCOM). For example, today COM has no way to restrict an application so that it can only be used locally without exposing it on the network by way of DCOM. More granular COM permissions were created to give administrators the flexibility to control a computer’s COM permission policy. These additional access control restrictions will reduce the risk of a successful network attack.

·        Messenger service off by default. It is important to note that Messenger service is not Windows Messenger, the instant messaging client in Windows. Messenger service is a network administration tool that has been exploited by spammers. When the service is off, spammers will not be able to utilize the feature to send unwanted pop-up ads to users.

Safer Web Browsing

For many customers, the Web is something that brings malicious code, pop-up ads and spyware. Customers are also concerned about malicious sites that offer downloads designed to defraud them or damage their computers. All customers are at risk, especially when surfing Web sites they may not be familiar with. Security technologies delivered in Internet Explorer will permit safer browsing to Web sites while continuing to provide a full-featured browsing experience and application platform for both home and business users of Windows XP. Those technologies include the following:

·        Blocking of accidental downloads and installations. Internet Explorer will help protect users from accidentally downloading and installing programs from potentially malicious Web sites by automatically blocking download requests. Users who decide to install a program can click on the download link that will automatically appear below the browser toolbar. For businesses, these enhancements can be managed through existing tools, such as Active Directory Group Policy. The new security technologies in Internet Explorer will complement existing Web content filtering solutions by providing in-depth protection to corporate computers and mobile laptops.

·        Pop-up Manager. Internet Explorer will detect that a pop-up or pop-under window is unwanted if it doesn’t directly result from the user’s clicking on a link on a Web page. If users decide to view a blocked pop-up ad, they can simply click on the pop-up blocking menu in the status bar to view the pop-up once or add the Web site to the “safe sites” list. For businesses, this protection will not affect existing intranet Web sites and line-of-business applications, because pop-ups are not blocked in the local intranet zone. Pop-up blocking is off by default.

Memory Protection

Some malicious software can take advantage of a buffer overrun to attack a computer system. Buffer overruns are software vulnerabilities that copy too much data, overwriting areas of memory that allow execution of arbitrary code. Attackers could potentially remotely exploit buffer overrun vulnerabilities on any computer connected to the Internet or any other network — at home or at work — via DSL, cable or dial‑up. Although no single technique can completely eliminate this type of vulnerability, Microsoft is employing security technologies to reduce the likelihood and potential of an attack in a number of ways. Those technologies include the following:

·        Compiler changes. All code changed since the release of Windows XP has been recompiled using the latest Visual Studio® compiler to reduce the likelihood of certain buffer overrun vulnerabilities.

Safer E-Mail and Instant Messaging

E-mail is an extremely common way for viruses and malicious attacks to infect a computer and spread. New security technologies from Microsoft will make e-mail and instant messaging safer by helping stop the spread of viruses (such as Sobig.F). This increased security is most applicable for home users and small businesses that use Outlook® Express or Windows Messenger instant messaging (IM). Large corporations without a dedicated e-mail or IM filtering solution would benefit as well. Examples of the increased security include these:

·        Better file attachment handling in Outlook Express and Windows Messenger. This means that attachments can open and execute with the fewest permissions possible. As a result, potentially unsafe attachments will be isolated so that they cannot affect other parts of the system.

·        Increased customer control over downloads of external content in Outlook Express. Outlook Express will no longer download external content (such as graphics) in HTML mail by default. Downloading graphics inside HTML junk mail could potentially allow the sender to identify your computer.

Additional Enhancements

The Windows XP Service Pack 2 beta release includes additional enhancements aimed at providing customers with the latest technology updates. These include the following:

·        Automatic Update. SP2 will make it more convenient for customers to enable Automatic Update, which will download and install critical updates automatically from Windows Update. Automatic Update also is designed to allow restartable downloads and is optimized for low-bandwidth scenarios by using delta compression technologies that help reduce the amount of data downloaded to the computer.

·        Windows Media Player 9 Series. Windows Media® Player 9 Series went through a comprehensive security review. This has resulted in a robust set of security settings, available from the Tools menu by selecting Options, that allow users to more easily control which services are enabled within the player.

·        DirectX 9.0b. The latest, most secure DirectX® components include fixes to address a network firewall change that impacts OEM preinstalls and DirectPlay®.

·        Bluetooth update. Windows XP SP2 includes updated support for Bluetooth®, enabling customers to take advantage of the latest wireless devices, including a number of wireless keyboards and mice, wireless printers, and connections with cell phones and PDAs.

Unified wireless local area network (LAN) client. The new wireless LAN client will work with a broad range of wireless hot spots. It enables customers to connect seamlessly to wireless hot spots without having to install or update a third-party client. A new user interface also allows customers to more easily disconnect from hot spots.



8  Conclusion


Well that's it for this month, next issue will be that last of the year so see you all then.

The newsletter has now been officially named WinRag, and a direct link to the site is

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Best Regards


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