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Issue 2 

 (c), Mark Walmsley 2003

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Welcome to the 2nd edition of our Newsletter. The signups for the newsletter have been unexpected, over a thousand people have signed up so far. If the interest remains the same then we shall consider releasing the newsletter on a twice monthly basis. 

We have purchased , which will now bring you directly to the newsletter main page. Book mark it for future reference, or send it to your friends and family, if they want to sign up also. 

In the newsletter, we will endeavor to show you the best/worst on the net. From free downloads to tips, tricks and how to's, and everything and anything else that we think you may find of interest. We will not be telling you to buy, buy, buy, or Spam you with unwanted rubbish. If you don't want to receive newsletter updates then feel free to cancel at anytime. Subscribe/Unsubscribe link is at the bottom of this page, click here.

Anyway, we hope you enjoy, if you wish to have a subject covered or wish to send feedback then mail

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1 Members Area Update members area has just went through a major revamp, check out the links below for further information.

Access to the area in only $35, you can signup from the below link. 


2 Free Software Review


Winamp - Fed up with media player, looking a change, then get Winamp, this program has so many add-ons that it would take novel to review them. You can change its look feel, download your favorite movie, artist, etc etc, as a skin, add speakers, mixers, radio channels, its all there, and how much does it cost ? NOTHING. Winamp is great program, and comes highly recommended. A big thumbs up from - Go there to download. Full version is 2.2mb.

For more free software, checkout :

For a free Internet Explorer Bar, with search built in, checkout :  


Winamp Image - Click on image to enlarge


3 Windows XP Service Pack 1 (SP1)


So why upgrade to windows XP Service Pack 1 (SP1) ? Well after you have a look at the fixes that it implements, then you'll understand. Before you consider reinstalling windows, install the service pack, I have seen it resolve many issues, including speed problems. View the fixes by clicking on the link below, a link to downloading the service pack will also be on that page. Get it now, if you have not done so already.

List of Fixes in Windows XP Service Pack 1 (SP1)


4 Site of the Month


Positioned in the top 5,000 websites is a great resource for finding those driver, the archives are massive and I have yet to fail in my search for the files that I need. 

Thumbs up from Don't miss out.

Want your site reviewed. Send an email to 



5 Making the Most of Internet Explorer Part 1


Searching the web is the most popular pastime on the net. So you should try and make the most out of. It will life that bit easier.

There is many way of searching but Internet Explorer 6 makes it that bit easier by allowing you to use the address bar by  typing two or more words into, a single word or two words without a space will try and bring up the domain, hence Windows Reinstall (see picture below), will search for the words in MSN and WindowsReinstall (no Space) will bring up this site  (

A great way  to search is to have the results displayed as well as the most likely page. 

To do this click on “TOOLS”,  “INTERNET OPTIONS” , “ADVANCED” , scroll down and select “DISPLAY RESULTS, AND GO TO MOST LIKELY SITE”, click “OK” and then test in Internet Explorer. (see picture below)

More Next Month.....


6 Fixes of the Month


Windows XP : Having problems with Windows, installed a program, or you can't boot. Then run Windows XP's System Restore. This can be run from either safe mode or normal windows. Follow the below link for a step by step graphical guide :

Windows ME : Having problems with Windows, installed a program, or you can't boot. Then run Windows ME's System Restore. This can be run from either safe mode or normal windows. Follow the below link for a step by step graphical guide : 

Windows 98 : Having problems with Windows, installed a program, or you can't boot. Try restoring the registry. Follow the instructions below :

Boot or Reboot to MSDOS mode. and type the following :

Scanreg /restore

Select a date prior to the problem and press "ENTER" the computer will reboot with its new registry, and touch wood, all will be cured.  


7  Online Gaming Part 1


So what is online gaming ? Online gaming is playing a game on your computer with one or more real people using the internet to share the experience. The biggest problem with online gaming is its addictiveness, in today's busy lifestyle we find it hard to go out and enjoy an evening of socializing, so we now indulge in online gaming, sometimes fulfilling our fantasies, and our need to meet people at the same time. Below is a few of the games we have tried and reviewed.

Delta Force V: Black Hawk Down

In late 1993, the United States launched dual military operations in Mogadishu, Somalia. Delta Force Operatives and Army Rangers were sent in to capture Somali warlords and restore order. Experience the intense combat of Operation Restore Hope in this groundbreaking first-person shooter. As a Delta Force operative participate in a number of daring and intense raids against the oppressive Somali warlords in and around Mogadishu.

At first this game seemed OK, but after about 2 hours, we found ourselves yawning, and switching it off. A great buy for Delta Force fans, but a big thumbs down from us here. ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Game Images - Click on images to enlarge


UK Readers get Black Hawk Down here

US Readers get Black Hawk Down here


Everquest. - 3-D multiplayer online fantasy role-playing game. 

EverQuest fans one of the largest online fantasy worlds in a single, all-encompassing package. EverQuest is a 3-D, massively multiplayer, fantasy role-playing game. An enormous virtual environment, it offers an entire world with its own diverse species, economic systems, alliances, and politics. Choose from a variety of races and classes, and begin your quest in any number of cities or villages throughout several continents. From there, equip yourself for adventure, seek allies and knowledge, and head out into a rich world of dungeons, towers, crypts, and evil abbeys. Learn skills, earn experience, acquire treasure and equipment, meet friends, and encounter enemies. A multitude of quests and adventures await; where you choose your role, you define your destiny.

If you like Fantasy movies and games, then Everquest is for you. Forget your work, spouse or kids, if you become addicted then Everquest will become your new life. 

This game is Massive, 1000's upon 1000's of players are on at any given time. So many people have become addicted now, that I think they should have support groups. Some people I know can't believe that they have been addicted to one game for so long.

Thumbs up from You'll either love it (like us) or hate it, buy either way you will curse us for recommending it.

Note : There is a monthly fee to be paid in addition to purchasing the game.

Warning : This game can be highly addictive, buy at your own risk.

Game Images - Click on images to enlarge


Everquest New Dawn-UK Server Edition:...

Everquest: Trilogy - USA only


Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield

Raven Shield allows for cooperative and competitive online play, but unfortunately there's no mechanism that allows you to play cooperatively with friends through missions in a linear order with the storyline intact. This missing feature aside, cooperative play is still a great feature, and a refreshing break from standard deathmatch play.

There are several significant improvements in Raven Shield, most notably the use of the Unreal graphics engine. It's vastly superior to previous games and provides crisp, clean graphics that are beautiful enough to help suspend disbelief--a feat that's typically more difficult for games with modern settings. Moreover, the inclusion of the Karma "ragdoll" physics engine typically models realistic collapsing animations for fallen enemies, though occasionally there are problems with oddly angled body parts. New controls in Raven Shield such as incremental door-opening and fluid movement controls allow for much stealthier (and thus more fun) movement around the map.

Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield is both a hoot and a holler to play, and I highly recommend it to anymore, but especially for anyone who favors realism in games and is tired of fast-paced but mind-numbing first person shooters. --Jon "Safety Monkey" Grover

There is no monthly fee for Raven Shield, and we can say it is very addictive. Once again a massive thumbs up from (Webmaster is presently addicted to this game)

We will review more online games in future issues....... 


UK Readers get Tom Clancy's Raven Shield here

US Readers get Tom Clancy's Raven Shield here


8  Guide to the Underground - Part 1


INTRODUCTION hopes to show you, why to avoid the underground of the Internet. You may have heard of serialz (serials or serial numbers), crackz (cracks or software crackz), warez (wares or war-ez (illegal software)), hackz (hacks), viruses and other key words used by these places. People involved in such trades call themselves pirates or hackers. 


The temptation of getting something for free can be great, but remember it is theft, and most of the time you are leaving yourself open to attack by those who participate in the trade.


CD Key’s and Serial Numbers (SERIALZ)


Its illegal to give away or let other people use your CD Key. In a lot of cases this is your proof of ownership and by sharing it you are promoting theft. 


You could also find that using keys that are found on crackz or serialz sites could end you in trouble. A lot of software will send information to the owner, including your IP address which leads straight to your door step. Be warned, if you loose the Product Key you may have to buy a new one, so keep it safe and keep it away from prying eyes. 


  More in the next issue.....


9 Conclusion


Well hope you have enjoyed our second issue of this newsletter as much as I have enjoyed writing it. The newsletter has now been officially named WinRag, and a direct link to the site is

Remember you can view issue 1 from here :


Best Regards


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