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Issue 3

 (c), Mark Walmsley 2003

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Welcome to issue 3. This issue has been released early due to a public holiday locally on Monday 14th, issue 4 should be released on August 14th.  

The signups for the newsletter have now exceeded over 2500. The growth rate of the newsletter has been remarkable since our launch on the 14th May 2003.

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1 Members Area


The members area for the mother of this Newsletter WinRag can be previewed from the following page.

The members area has troubleshooting guides, install guides, free downloads, 3rd party e-books, games, etc plus much much more.

Access to the area is only $35 for first year then $5 a year afterwards, you can signup from the below link The area is continually being updated, with many new plans in the pipeline. 


2 Free Software Review


Fed up with boring old Internet Explorer. Then try a new browsing experience with Netscape 7.1, a fully featured free internet experience.

The Tools menu now includes timesaving features such as Cookie Manager, Password Manager, Download Manager, Forms Manager, and Search the Web. Both AOL Instant Messenger and ICQ are now integrated giving you quick access to chat.

Download Manager enables you to download multiple files at once and pause/resume a download if your Internet connection is interrupted. Download Manager keeps track of all your downloads from one place. View information on the status of your download, percentage complete, download location, source, time remaining and more.

Save a complete web page -- what used to take several steps to download and save a complete web page, now takes only one. In a single action you can save a page with all of its graphics files (GIFs and JPEGs).

Click-to-Search lets you easily start a web search on any word in a web page without having to leave the page. Simply select the word with your mouse, right-click and choose Web Search for that word. The results appear in a separate browser window and also in My Sidebar.

Print Preview and Page Set-up tools give you greater control over the output, sizing, margins, scale, and even headers and footers of a printed document.

Update Notifications let you know when a new release of the browser is available.

One-Button Publishing lets you easily save web documents created in Composer to a server of your choice in just a few clicks.

Tons more features. Download by clicking on the link below and give it a try. 




3  Old Software


So you've had a computer for years, and find that you are continually updating software. But why update if the original still performs the tasks that you need it for.


Yes there is compatibility problems, and if you experience these then there is two ways to proceed. 

The first and most important is to check for patches on the manufacturers website. You will find that most old software will have some form of update to make it compatible with at least Windows 2000 and Windows 98. If the program works on these operating systems the there is a high chance that they will work on the likes of Windows XP and Windows ME.

The second is for Windows XP and ME. Try running the program in compatibility mode. To do this right click on the shortcut you would use to open the program. Select properties and then compatibility. Next check the box that says "Run this program in compatibility mode" and then select the operating system to try with. Start with Windows 2000, then Windows NT, then Windows98/ME and finally Windows 95. From experience I find most work with Windows 98/ME compatibility.

Install Problems

Remember you can also use this on the setup files, that are used to install Windows programs. I have found that some old programs will not install, but by changing the compatibility of the "SETUP.EXE" or install file, the program will install fine, and then usually works with no problems at all. If it doesn't then read the compatibility section above.

This tip has enabled me to pick up games and software, fully boxed and sealed for next to nothing.


Yeah yeah, I hear you say, well I have been working with Microsoft based operating systems since MSDOS, and can tell you that I don't use any MSDOS programs, but do still use Windows 95 programs, examples are WSFTP95, MGI Photosuite V1.06 SE, several games, several other design programs, and the more recent MS Office 2000, although I do know Office 97 still works, which is still available to buy, although not supported by Microsoft.


4 Site of the Month


Do you have your own website, then why not make some money out of it. One of the few websites that will actually pay you per 1000 hits (CPM) is Simply click on the link below and to sign up. You can have simple banner ads, popup ads, you can even determine the frequency of their appearance. have been using this since its creation, and from all the other companies tried, has always paid out on time and with the highest amount of money.

Want to make money or even advertise through them, then the FastClick Ad Network is the company to use. This site is rated as the 967th largest website in the world.

Want your site reviewed. Send an email to 



5 Making the Most of Internet Explorer Part 2


Looking for something different when printing from internet explorer then read on.

To Get A Print Preview - Click on File then Print Preview to see how the page will print.

You can use the Zoom dropdown to see the whole page on screen at once. Click the Page Setup button to change the paper size, orientation and margins, or pick what you want on the header and footer, a nice way to customize your web page printouts, try it with this page, and see what you think.

Need to Pick A Frame. Sites can be divided into multi pages which are shown at once, these are called frames. Usually these are divided up into navigation pages plus then the content page. So instead of printing the entire page you can choose just to print the content page. 

To do this click on file then print preview, where you see "As laid out on page" click the down arrow and select "All frames individually". 


Next find out what page the content is on then click on print. When the printing menu appears select the option pages and input the page number/numbers or range you wish to print. Click on print. The pages you selected, will now print out.


Internet explorer removes background images and colours to save on your ink, and to make the page easier to print. If you wish the entire page to be printed, as seen on screen do the following: Click on Tools, Internet Options, Advanced and scroll down to printing and put a tick into Print background colours & images. Click OK to confirm. This is a permanent change so make sure you remember to undo it. by removing the tick from the box once done.

More Next Month.....


6 Fixes of the Month


 Installing a driver produces warning of system instability in Windows XP ( WINXP ) 

When installing a driver for some hardware a message is displayed as shown :

The driver has not been tested with Windows XP. It is recommended that signed drivers are used instead. This does not mean that the driver will not work, chances are you should have no problems especially if it is a Windows 2000 driver. So if you get this message then you should Continue Anyway. If the system does become unstable after this driver installation get an updated driver or do a system restore to a date prior to installation. Click here to learn how to do a  System Restore


Unmountable Boot Volume in Windows XP

Your computer will not boot returning the error "Unmountable boot Volume".

If the recovery console can be used then the command chkdsk /f should be run from there. You can access the recovery console by booting of the Windows XP CD and select the Repair Menu. 

Another method I found quite successful, especially with OEM computers that are not supplied with an XP disk is to attach the hard drive up to another PC that has Windows XP installed on it, then go to "MY COMPUTER" right click on the drive, select "PROPERTIES", then "TOOLS" and click on "CHECK NOW", once done put hard drive book and boot up, all should be OK.

We find that installing Service Pack 1, reduces the chances of this happening significantly. Check out this link to read about service Pack 1, an article covered in last months issue.

Failing the above you will need to run a windows XP repair. Click here to learn about Windows XP Repair


7  Online Gaming Part 2


So what is online gaming ? Online gaming is playing a game on your computer with one or more real people using the internet to share the experience. The biggest problem with online gaming is its addictiveness, in today's busy lifestyle we find it hard to go out and enjoy an evening of socializing, so we now indulge in online gaming, sometimes fulfilling our fantasies, and our need to meet people at the same time. Below is a another game we have tried and reviewed.

Star Wars Galaxies

Filename: galaxies_boxshot_.jpg
Type: JPEG Image
Dimensions: 600 x 800
Resolution: 100 dpi
Colour depth: millions
Size: 316K

The big release of the month must be Star Wars Galaxies. This highly anticipated release finally made the shelves, with over 500,000 people signed up for the online community, this game is  massive.

"The release of Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Divided is a truly defining moment for LucasArts and we're confident the game will meet player's expectations," says Simon Jeffery, president of LucasArts. "The current subscription plan for Star Wars Galaxies is reflective of the game's high quality and competitive with the current marketplace. No matter which subscription option players choose they'll be able to look forward to a constant stream of dynamic content and features, first-rate customer service and much, much more."

"After three years of intense development, we're thrilled by the imminent release of Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Divided," says John Smedley, president, Sony Online Entertainment. "We're honored that LucasArts felt only Sony Online had the right combination of technical know-how and game design skills to produce a game of this scope. The Star Wars Galaxies team has been working non-stop to deliver a product that lives up both to the stature of the Star Wars license and the expectations that LucasArts had set for us."

Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Divided was recently nominated for a Game Critics Award: Best of E3 2003 in the Best Online Multiplayer Game category and that was before its release.

Don't miss out this chance to relive your childhood fantasies in a away that you could never have dreamed of in 1978.

At launch Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Divided will offer four subscription plan options: Month-to-month - $14.99; three months - $14.00 per month; six months - $13.00 per month; and 12 months - $12.00 per month. By subscribing to any of the latter three plans, players can expect savings of up to 20 percent over the month-to-month rate. Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Divided has a suggested retail price of $49.95, and includes a 30-day subscription to the game. A special collector's edition, which includes a book of game-related art, in-game wearables, pewter figurine, lapel pin and patch, and a signed manual, will be available for a suggested retail price of $79.95.

Click here to get Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Divided


More in the next issue.....


8  Guide to the Underground - Part 2


INTRODUCTION hopes to show you, why to avoid the underground of the Internet. You may have heard of serialz (serials or serial numbers), crackz (cracks or software crackz), warez (wares or war-ez (illegal software)), hackz (hacks), viruses and other key words used by these places. People involved in such trades call themselves pirates or hackers. 


The temptation of getting something for free can be great, but remember it is theft, and most of the time you are leaving yourself open to attack by those who participate in the trade.


Copied and Pirated Software (WAREZ)


Pirated Software (or warez) is full price software which you can download and buy without paying the owner/s any money. You are using their product, which they spent many weeks/years creating without handing the money over. So by using it you are stealing.


This is also one of the most common ways to get a computer virus and also contributes to higher prices, lower quality and can put your favourite software house at risk. You will get no support for the software, find it difficult using games online, downloading patches and getting updates.


Do not purchase software from a non reputable dealer in auction sites or warez sites, as you may find it is copied. You may also find that your credit card number may fall into the wrong hands. 


Some of these people you may deal with are ruthless and would use such opportunities to hack into your system by installing a backdoor virus along with the warez that you illegally got, or you may find that they simply install a nasty virus which will give you no end of problems.


So our advice is to avoid at all costs..........


  More in the next issue.....


9 Conclusion


Well hope you have enjoyed our third issue of this newsletter as much as I have enjoyed writing it. The newsletter has now been officially named WinRag, and a direct link to the site is

Remember you can view issue 1 from here :


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Best Regards


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