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Issue 5

 (c), Mark Walmsley 2003

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Welcome to issue 5. Due to the recent virus attacks, and the importance of protecting yourself and your computer, we are going to cover many subjects related to viruses.

This month we shall begin the "Inside your PC" section. Every month we will now cover two items that are needed to run your computer, internally and externally. We hope to explain these items in the simplest of terms, helping you understand your computer and how it works in more depth.

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2 Inside your PC Part 1 - The Base Unit and Motherboard


The Base Unit – Your base unit is the main part of your PC, also known as a desktop computer (Lies flat) or tower unit (Stands upright). This is the main box where you insert the CD’s and/or disks, sometimes incorrectly called the processor, the monitor or the hard drive, amongst other things.


Click on image to enlarge

This is the heart of your PC. Over coming weeks we will take a look at each component in turn, explaining what each does. These bits and bobs, ie the motherboard, processor, memory, hard drive, disk drives etc, can all be replaced and upgraded pretty easily, when you know what to do. You find out just how right here.

The Motherboard 

The aptly named motherboard is the backbone of your computer; this is where all the other components plug directly into.

Your motherboard will determine your processor support, memory type, peripheral connections, and quite often will have many integrated components. (Onboard video, sound, network, modem, etc.)

It is essential that your computer has a high quality, expandable & easily configurable board, without this you will find your computer wanting in the not so distant future. You will also find that integrated components are best avoided, especially video if you are an avid gamer. These devices tend to be of a lower quality than their plug in counterparts. 

 Click on image to enlarge

So if buying a computer or changing your motherboard then you will need to determine your needs.

An important question is what are you going to use the computer for? There is no point in buying an all singing and dancing system if all you want to do is surf the net, but do remember that 6 months after buying the system you may decide to use it for other things, and if it is not upgradeable, then you could be looking at an expensive change.

So to round up, make sure that when buying, even if all the components are onboard that you have free expansion slots so that the system is future proof. An AGP port (allows for graphics card changes) and free PCI slots (used for adding expansion cards), support for Pentium 4 or Athlon XP processors, and DDR memory are some of the important, and presently modern items that you would look for. 

In future issues we will look at each and every component, helping explain their functions and what to look for when buying.

Next Month read about the processor and the memory


3  Virus threats


Click on link below to see world wide and local present virus threats

Click on link below for a guide on locating and removing viruses

Want to find and remove viruses online, check out the link below, remember if you find a virus, read up on it before removing as you may find that there is registry settings or files that need replaced, to allow your computer to function correctly again.

Check out this link to read up on viruses, what they do and how to get rid of them.


4 Viruses


With the recent high publicity based around the Blaster virus, the subject of viruses is best covered.

Many computers that I have worked on recently have been infected with not just the Blaster virus, but several others as well. The Blaster virus has made headlines simply because it has been the first that exploits a problem with Windows XP and Windows 2000, allowing it to install in your computer when you are on the internet, not by downloading files or opening emails, but just by being connected.

So how do you protect yourself from such threats? In this day of age there is several methods that must now be used. Use a Firewall, an Anti-Virus program, and always update Windows with the latest patches.

A Firewall is simply a large digital wall that your computer uses to protect you while browsing the Internet. It protects your computer from unauthorized access from computers or software running else ware on the web. While Windows XP has a basic free firewall, all other systems don’t and you must purchase a firewall program. Either Symantec or McAfee Firewalls would be ideal purchases; a local computer store will be able to advise you appropriately.

Alternatively you could try out Zone Alarm. The free trial will give you an idea about what Zone Alarm is all about.

Zone Labs Cooperative Security Alliance

The Windows XP free firewall install is covered in this newsletter.

Anti-Virus programs are more and more becoming essential to computer use, not always providing a cure, but great at prevention. It will stop viruses getting to and installing themselves in your computer, and if kept up to date will provide piece of mind when downloading and installing files from the Internet. Remember though that installing an anti-virus program after getting a virus can cause no end of problems. Once you get a virus it is best seeking professional help, to help understand the viruses function and how to get rid of it. Both Symantec or McAfee Anti-Virus programs are ideal purchases, and both companies provide telephone support to help assist in the removal of a virus. So if you don’t have a virus program, then consult a local dealer and get one installed and updated as soon as possible.

Alternatively you could try a free Virus scanner like AVG Anti-Virus, 

An online Virus Check and  Removal as also available from here, 

Finally, keeping your Microsoft Windows up to date. This is quite important as many patches are released weekly for the Microsoft operating systems. 

To update simply click on “Start” and then “Windows Update”, while connected to the web. The Windows Update Page will appear. Follow the instructions and allow the site to scan your computer. Then download what is needed. Remember though that there may be quite a lot to download and this may take some time, especially if you don’t have broadband.

Or go to this link 


5 Making the Most of Internet Explorer Part 4


This week I am going to show you how to switch on the free firewall which comes with Windows XP. If this had been switched on then the likely hood of you getting the Blaster virus would have been very slim. 

All images in this article are small, click on them to have an enlarged image popup.

To begin click on start, then connect to, then show all connections. 

Next right click on your internet connection, it is usually the one with the tick, which is default.

Now select properties.

Now select advanced and select protect my computer by limiting or preventing access from the internet. Click on OK when finished.

You will now beside your connection it will say "Firewalled". A job well done.


6 Fixes and Tips of the Month


This month we are going to look at desktop wallpaper. Brighten up your computing experience with some nice images, or even pictures of you family, or favourite movie star. Just think you could have even a picture of me staring at you every time your computer boots up.

Its easy to do just download and/or open up the picture by double clicking on it, right click on the picture and click on Set as Desktop Background. 

Click on image to enlarge

You can also change it by going to start, settings, control panel, (or just start, control panel) then click on display and then desktop. from here click browse, locate the picture you want to use as the background and click OK. Then select center, tile or stretch. Once again click Ok and your background will magically appear.

Click on image to enlarge

Finally we have created a few background images for you to use. Click on the image you like and open it in internet explorer, right click on image and select set as background or use one of the methods above.


A useful link which i use a lot is


7  Online Gaming Part 4


So what is online gaming ? Online gaming is playing a game on your computer with one or more real people using the internet to share the experience. The biggest problem with online gaming is its addictiveness, in today's busy lifestyle we find it hard to go out and enjoy an evening of socializing, so we now indulge in online gaming, sometimes fulfilling our fantasies, and our need to meet people at the same time. Below is a another game we have tried and reviewed.

Warhammer Online

Warhammer Online

Click on image to enlarge (200KB in size)

Release date Spring 2004 

Warhammer Online is a new massively multiplayer online computer game that allows players to take on the role of outlaws and mercenary adventurers within a grim and gritty realisation of Games Workshop's dark, gothic fantasy world. Spawned on the margins of society, our players can rise to become mighty heroes or infamous villains, living on their wits or the cut of a blade! Famous or feared throughout the Empire for their daring and bloody deeds!

At the heart of the game will be this combination of fantastic new technologies coupled with the deep, dark, gritty Warhammer background and some extremely innovative player and character development within an online RPG.

  • A custom built Massively Multiplayer render engine that delivers an incredible graphic environment. The game pitches players into a grim and gritty realisation of the Warhammer world and propels them headlong into a game of dark horror and adventure.
  • Zone-less environment with fully dynamic loading, seasons, climate and fully dynamic weather.
  • Innovative character development that delivers exciting narrative gameplay. Players choose their own fate, as 'good' and 'evil' are simply relative terms.
  • A unique skill based magic system that gives every player the ability to practice spell-casting.
  • Vast urban dungeons. The landscape of Warhammer Online includes the great cities of the Reikland – Marienburg, Altdorf and Nuln - with hundreds of locations, characters and quests.
  • At the core of game is a skills and careers system that encourages players to progress through the world and develop their characters in a unique, biographical and highly Warhammer way – Rat Catcher, Beggar, Thief!
  • Player versus player combat is integrated into the game through the same career system. High-level careers are mutually antagonistic and so if you choose to become a Bounty Hunter you will become PvP to Outlaws and vice versa!

For any online gamer, especially Everquest and D&D fans, this looks like a must. the only problem now is now that you know about it, you'll have to wait until spring 2004 to get it

Filename: WH_online_logo_640x480.jpg
Type: JPEG Image
Dimensions: 640 x 365
Resolution: 72 dpi
Colour depth: millions
Size: 34K


8  Guide to the Underground - Part 4


INTRODUCTION hopes to show you, why to avoid the underground of the Internet. You may have heard of serialz (serials or serial numbers), crackz (cracks or software crackz), warez (wares or war-ez (illegal software)), hackz (hacks), viruses and other key words used by these places. People involved in such trades call themselves pirates or hackers. 


The temptation of getting something for free can be great, but remember it is theft, and most of the time you are leaving yourself open to attack by those who participate in the trade.




Crackz are the illegal way of bypassing software protections, evaluation codes, time limitations, and or shareware barriers. 


A crack is basically a small program which installs or replaces files that are installed and lets you use software illegally.


As these programs tend to be small, you can just as easily download a virus and install it. Stay away from these sites as you will find that in a short period of time your computer will be riddled with porn dialers and other unsavory software.


You will also find that using software that you didn't pay for will put programmers or companies at risk, these people don't create for fun, but to make a living. So our advice, stay away, support programmers and buy your software.





9 Conclusion


Well hope you have enjoyed our fifth issue of this newsletter as much as I have enjoyed writing it. The newsletter has now been officially named WinRag, and a direct link to the site is

Remember you can view issue 1 to 4 from that link :

Best Regards


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