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Season 2 - Issue 4

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Welcome, its time for issue 4, season 2. This months newsletter is slightly late due to the early arrival of my 3rd child, and first boy, baby Marc. Welcome to the world son.

Competition winners from last month are yet to be announced. So stay tuned as there may be a copy of Kreed coming your way.

Service Pack 2 for Windows XP is now with us, so this month we are going to concentrate with this update and some of it's features.

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1 Windows XP  - Service Pack 2


Why install service pack 2 (SP2) ? 

Well the statement to follow is from Microsoft's website and should give you an idea: 

"Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) provides new proactive security technologies for Windows XP to better defend against viruses, worms, and hackers.  In addition to a more robust security infrastructure, SP2 improves the security configuration options of Windows XP and provides better security information to help users faced with security decisions."


Where can you get service pack 2 (SP2) ?

There are a few different places that you can get SP2, first is through windows update (go to ), although the best option is to download the actual install file from, burn it onto disk and keep it for future use, because if you ever need to reinstall Windows, you will have to install SP2 again also. 

Be warned though if you are using a modem forget about using either option, as it will take forever to download. Magazines will have it on cover disks, so go out and buy one, it will save you a load of hassle. 


2 Windows XP - Service Pack 2 (SP2) install.


1 - After you have downloaded the SP2 file, find it and double click on it.


2 - File will then extract.

3 - Now click on next


4 - Now the user agreement, once read click on "I AGREE" and then next to continue


5 - Now SP2 will ask you to confirm the extraction location, if you are happy with it then click "NEXT".

6 - SP2 will begin installing, this may take some time so be patient.

7 - Once finished SP2 will ask if you wish to reboot. If you do not select the "DO NOT RESTART NOW" box, otherwise click finish.

8 - After reboot an option for Live update will appear, this will keep your computer automatically up to date with the latest patches. Select which ever option you prefer.

9 - Once Windows has booted up, the Security Center will appear on screen. Older versions, or less common versions of Anti-Virus software may have status problems listed, we will cover this later.

Service Pack 2 is now successfully installed.


3  Windows XP - Service Pack 2 (SP2) - Firewall


XP originally came with a firewall, but it was switched off by default, now you get the new updated version which has passed the shield up test at with a perfect “TruStealth” rating. 

The firewall can be accessed from the Windows security center which is located in "START/PROGRAMS/ACCESSORIES/SYSTEM TOOLS/ THEN SECURITY CENTER" and then click on Windows Firewall at the bottom the screen. You can configure the exceptions list here. One you wish to setup is file and printer sharing, that is if you are using this option in a local network.


4 Game Preview - Football Manager 2005 (PC)




Football Fans to 'Get into the Game' in Sports Interactive's Forthcoming Management Simulation.

LONDON, UK – August 13, 2004 – Ever fancied playing up front for your favourite football team? Pulling on the England shirt in World Cup Final? Getting 60 grand in the bank for one week's work? With Football Manager 2005 you can!

SEGA and Sports Interactive, the creators of Championship Manager® series, are offering you the chance to feature as an actual player in the ultimate in PC football management, Football Manager 2005.

One of the things that sets this title apart from previous football management games, is the introduction of thumbnail pictures for some of the players and staff in the game. Naturally, as the game progresses and players retire, the database evolves and replaces the real players with fictional 'regenerated' players. SEGA and Sports Interactive are offering you the chance to be one of these 'regenerated' players.

To be a "Face in the Game" all you need to do is submit a digital photograph of yourself which will be used as the face of one these 'regenerated' players. In addition to getting your face in the game, you can give your name, age, favourite club and as many details as possible so that Sports Interactive can add depth to your new digital persona. To enter, visit now to ensure your chance to be a "Face in the Game."

"Right from the very beginning, we've encouraged our fans to get involved with the game and many of them have," says Miles Jacobson, Managing Director of Sports Interactive. "Now, all players of our games, and future players, have got the perfect way to get more involved with the game and be a part of it."

There are a few restrictions as to the style of photos which will be acceptable: the shots should not contain any team colours, for example. Also, as regenerated players are usually aged between 18 and 22, only photos which represent people within that age range will be used to depict players. All other photos supplied will be used to represent either coaches or physios.

Further information, including details of the size and composition of acceptable photos, is available from the Face in the Game website, at


5 Windows XP - Service Pack 2 (SP2) - Popup Blocker


To test this site we went to , here there is a popup in the main page. The popup did not appear instead the message below appeared at the top left of the browser screen.


By clicking on the warning you get the following options 

  • Show Blocked Pop-up Window. 

  • Allow Pop-up Windows from This Site. 

  • Block Pop-up Windows. 

  • Pop-up Window Options.

 If the site is new or it is the first time you have been on it then you could view the popup's once by clicking on "Show blocked pop-up Windows", this means if you don't like what appears on the site you can then block them all using "Block Pop-up Windows" or allow them all by selecting "Allow Pop-up Windows from This Site". 

So why would you wish to allow popup's ? Well some sites would when you click on a link will open the page in a new window, if pop-up's are blocked then this cannot be done, alternatively you may like the site a grant the owner money by allowing his pop-up's to appear (Hint hint).

"Pop-up Window Options." allows you to edit the more advanced options of the pop-up manager including switching it off


6 Software Review -WinBackup


  • Protect your data against all possible disasters: disk crashes, user error, theft and virus attacks!

  • Ideal for your office, laptop, notebook, and home computer!

  • Back up all your files in a snap: including Outlook express e-mails, address books, your Internet favorites, and My Documents folder!

  • Restore files quickly and easily!

  • Take complete control over your backups!

  • Quickly back up to ANY media: including hard drives, removable disks, USB drives, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, and DVD-RW!

  • Get up and running quickly with WinBackup! Software so friendly, anyone can use it!

What a pleasant surprise this little gem was when we first installed it. Very easy to use, plenty of advanced features, even for a power user, this software is very easy to setup, very easy to use, and even better it is very easy to restore. I haven't got much bad to say about it, so my advise get it now.

WinBackup 9/10

Even better we have teamed up with LIUtilities to get you this software at a special 25% off discount price. Click here for those discounts 


7  Windows XP - Service Pack 2 (SP2) - Remove Service Pack


So you are having problems with SP2, you hate it, it's causing you too many problems, then don't worry it can be removed from both safemode and normal boot. 

To remove Service Pack 2 do the following :

1) Click on Start/Control Panel/Add or Remove Programs.

2) Scroll down the list to Windows Service Pack 2

3) Click on Remove

4) this may take sometime so be patient.

5) Goodbye Service Pack 2.




Well that's it for this month, I hope you all enjoyed this issue, and we look forward to seeing you next month, 

Best Regards





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